Nosara is the surf capital of Costa Rica. But there’s so much more than surf. Sleep in, follow the sun, surf all day, find your spot, stay awhile.

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At The Nomadic Hotel, we love to simplify things for you! You can easily book a handful of memorable excursions with us to enhance your Costa Rica adventure!  We eliminate the guesswork in creating an unparalleled itinerary as we reach out to the pros to make your daydreams a reality. Think of us as a middleman connecting you with passionate locals who know Nosara by heart. Sounds like a good deal? Let’s go!!


Are you dreaming of shredding waves and feeling the spray on your face? Playa Guiones is a swell magnet that offers something for every skill level. Our experienced surf instructors will guide you through every step, from conquering your first pop-up to honing your cutbacks and barrels. Nosara's laid-back vibe ensures ample space to practice and progress at your own pace. Our local connections can guide you to hidden gems off the beaten path. During the summer, expect the swell size to increase. During winter, you can expect fun-sized surf that everyone can try! Let the ocean guide your adventure!


Experience the trails and beaches of Nosara from  horseback. Nothing rings more pure and true than the feeling of the sunset glow hitting your face from atop on these gentle giants. Ride under the mango trees with Monkeys playing above, cruise past the river and maybe spot a croc tanning on the banks.


The Nosara area offers world class spearfishing for intermediate to advanced divers. The inshore rock reefs are home to large Cubera Snappers, Amberjack, Blue Trevally, and Sierra Mackerel. Offshore blue water diving offers chances to hunt Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, and other pelagic species. If you’re looking for a world class spearfishing adventure, Nosara has everything you need.

Waterfall Hike

Just a short drive through Nosara, Malanoche is calling you. Immerse yourself in the vibrant surroundings of exotic birds and monkeys swinging through the canopy. The trail is teeming with flora; each step is a journey deeper into the jungle. Your hike with a trusted tour guide will be worth the effort as you stand in awe of nature's beauty.


Every year, SUPing becomes more popular among visitors and locals here in Nosara. Paddle boarding is a great way to get a workout in while taking in the scenic vistas our area has to offer. Do a mellow paddle along the Rio Montana and Rio Nosara through lush mangroves, great for wildlife viewing, or paddle Garza Bay and beyond to secret beaches.

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Sport Fishing

Expert captains and guides know the waters, taking you to hotspots abundant with fish. We provide top-notch gear, experienced guides, and a personalized adventure for any skill level on the seas near our hotel. Come join us!


Nosara is one of those places that captivates you from the moment you cruise into town via the dirt roads engulfed in the green canopy. Everyone who visits can agree there's something magical about our little beach town, which is why you'll see the same faces visiting year after year. Nosara makes up a portion of the Guanacaste Peninsulas’ Blue Zone which could be the reason Nosara has positioned itself as a top destination for practicing Yogis. Whether you want to have a self-guided practice in our yoga pavilion or attend a class nearby, there's no shortage of studios to choose from. Namaste.